Dental problems are quite common and come in several different forms. With a holistic approach to dentistry, new methods help to treat these issues without using harmful substances and equipment. Dental ozone therapy is a popular choice among holistic dentists to help patients struggling with numerous dental issues.

Understanding Dental Ozone Therapy

So what is ozone, and how can it help with dental care?

Ozone is a triatomic oxygen particle that we can create safely. When you pass medical-grade oxygen through a corona discharge generator, you get ozone. It can be in a liquid, gas, or ointment form to help treat a multitude of issues.

The idea behind dental ozone therapy in Brentwood TN is the following:

Ozone has a negative charge, so it will neutralize anything with a positive charge it comes in contact with. Dangerous cells, like cancer, bacteria, and viruses, tend to have positive charges. The cells will attract each other, becoming a neutral charge, and the ozone will enter the cell membrane and destroy the cell.

How is dental ozone therapy essential to dentistry? We can use it in the following ways:

  • Safety and sensitivity- Using ozone therapy eliminates the possibility of reacting with current medications in the system of the patient. This makes it ideal for holistic dentistry practices because it takes the overall health of the patient into consideration. Ozone can also harden a compromised tooth structure, which can help eliminate sensitivity in certain areas.
  • Tooth decay- The gas can enter hard to reach areas below the gum line and between grooves of the teeth. It tends to kill the bacteria on contact. It also helps to eliminate the need for numbing the area.
  • Periodontal disease- To combat periodontal disease, ozone water or gas enters the gum line to treat the tissues supporting the gums.
  • Root canals- Different forms of ozone help during the entire process of root canals. The gas helps to treat hard to reach areas while liquid helps to speed the recovery process as it flushes out the area.

Whatever the treatment may be, it’s crucial to talk with your dentist to determine if dental ozone therapy is right for you. Overall, it helps to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and equipment during traditional procedures and services.

The Dental Ozone Therapy Brentwood TN Needs

Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry is proud to provide dental ozone therapy for our patients in Brentwood TN. We strive to keep our patients safe while we help manage and maintain their oral health.

Along with dental ozone treatment, we also offer the following services to our patients:

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