When you say the term orthodontics, everyone instantly imagines braces. If you didn’t wear them yourself, you probably know someone who once wore the brackets on their teeth. In the past, orthodontists would wait until the patient was in their preteen years to begin the process. Patients tend to go in for evaluation around 11 or 12 years; once most development is coming to an end.

However, holistic orthodontics changes the way we approach this common service. Instead of placing the focus solely on the crooked teeth, the orthodontist in Brentwood TN will consider the patient and their needs. They focus on the development of the child and how the orthodontics Brentwood TN provides will affect the patient and their breathing as they grow. Patients head to the orthodontist around three or four years of age to begin the evaluation process.

What is Holistic Orthodontics?

Hands holding transparent aligners. Invisalign orthodontics conceptIn the past, the main focus of an orthodontist was fixing misaligned, spaced, or crooked teeth. By using a variety of hardware options like headgear and wiring, there was never a focus on breathing. Yes, the patient could breathe, but the contraptions would sometimes make the jaw grow backward towards the airway as the teeth were shifting. As a result, many orthodontic patients would snore.

Holistic orthodontics in Brentwood TN chooses to begin evaluating patients earlier, to eliminate the need for such hardware. By starting the process earlier in development, orthodontics will work with the patient to help the checks, jaw, and teeth develop as they should. This eliminates the need to use more extensive hardware and reduces the time of the process.

Through holistic dentistry, the conversation is beginning about early facial development in orthodontics. This goes hand in hand with placing a focus on development instead of just the teeth.

Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry Offers the Orthodontist Brentwood TN Needs

When it comes to biological and holistic dentistry for those in Brentwood TN, the only name you need to know is the Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry. Here, we strive to meet several goals whenever we see our patients. Through a range of services like holistic orthodontics, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Eliminate oral problems and disease
  • Restore the mouth to a healthy state of function
  • Eliminate infection, inflammation, gingivitis, and periodontal disease
  • Return the mouth and body to holistic balance by removing heavy metal toxicity, cavitations, and galvanism
  • Restore TMD function
  • Eliminate narrow arch form
  • Increase orthognathic function

Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry also offers the following services:

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